Data Integration for and SQL Server.

With DBAmp, you can easily access your Salesforce objects using SQL Select, Update, Insert and Delete statements. Use SQL to select and modify objects in without any additional programming.Run reports that join local tables with Write complex stored procedures for bidirectional integration from SQL Server to Salesforce. Replicate all your data into SQL Server with a single stored procedure.Bulk insert and update SQL Server tables into

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Build Reports with Real-time or Mirrored Salesforce Data

Only DBAmp gives the ability to either access data in real-time with SQL Select statements or make local copies of data into a local database.

Integrate Local Applications with

DBAmp is a great tool for building bidirectional integrations. Use SQL Insert and Update statments or take advantage of the BulkOps stored procedure for maximum flexibility and throughput.

Make a Complete Backup of Salesforce Data

Use DBAmp to make a complete backup of your data with one command. And keep the backup in synch with DBAmp's incremental refresh.

SSIS and SSRS Support

DBAmp works seamlessly with both SSIS and SSRS.  Use DBAmp and SSIS to construct complex integrations. Build complex reports using any combination of local data, mirrored or real-time salesforce data with DBAmp and SSRS.

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DBAmp is licensed to your production org, not your servers. You can install it on as many SQL Instances as you want. All sandbox orgs are included.

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